How Doula's Can Help, Even if it Isn't Your First Baby

So often I am asked but how can you help me? This is our second/third/fourth baby, we've done the labour thing before. I know what I'm doing.

The answer, very simply, is that no two pregnancies, labours or births are the same. Even our bodies, after they have been pregnant once, change and adapt to what it means to be pregnant.

Life changes the moment that your first baby is born. Colors are brighten, sounds are louder. Everything is more vibrant, fresher and more amazing.

Then comes that moment when you find yourself pregnant again, and life seems to stand still.

How will I parent two?
Is there enough love? 
How am I going to survive being pregnant and parenting a toddler at the same time?
What do I do when I go into labour and Jr. needs to get to soccer practice?
What about the after?

With the support of a doula throughout your pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum, your transition can be made so much easier.

Labour and Birth

During labour, your doula is by your side every step of the way from the moment you call them, until an hour or so after the birth of your baby. When this is your second+ child, you may call your doula to help you labour at home, where their care can extend to other members of your family. If you are needing to rest, your doula can entertain older children to make sure you are getting the quiet time that you need.


Adding a new baby to your already awesome family dynamic can be a daunting thought, as can the thought of getting dinner on the table every night while tending to your baby and other children. Thankfully, a doula can swoop in with a food delivery. I often like to drop things off at a clients house, leaving a bag of goodies on their door. I text them on my way home to let them know there's a delivery, and never ever ring the bell (who knows when mama and babe might be napping!). It's like a visit from the magical food fairy! For more ideas on how a doula can help during postpartum, look here.

Ultimately, a doula is there to support you in whatever you need, be it getting you information on the newest birthing craze, or lending a supportive shoulder to cry on when you are feeling overwhelmed.

First baby or fifth baby, the support remains the same. Unconditional, unbiased and there right when you need it.