Green Beans, Squash and Oatmeal Baby Food Recipe

I know, I know...super weird combination but it's one of those ones that is sweet from the acorn squash, hearty because of the oats and rich in vitamins with the green beans. It's sort of a super food meal for baby, packed into one serving.

3 cubes green beans
2 cubes squash
1-2 tbsp prepared oatmeal

I like to defrost my cubes in a dish overnight in the fridge, then add freshly made oatmeal to the puree mix. It makes the mixture creamy and warm, very hearty for your little ones' tummy!

I introduced this recipe when our baby was 8 months old, but you could certainly do it closer to 6 months. As you can tell from the pictures, my mixture is chunky however you can make it the appropriate consistency for your own child.