Baby K'Tan SmartGear Diaper Bag #babygear #review

Recently, I had the pleasure of taking the brand spanking new Baby K'Tan SmartGear Diaper Bag for a test run and boy, did we put it to the test! From spilling bottles to needing to feed solids on the go, even blow outs and wardrobe changes, this diaper bag stood up to the challenge!

Let's talk about the intuitive design, shall we? First and foremost, there are some really awesome pockets on the outside to store things like your cellphone, bottles, and things that you may need to gain access to really quickly like face and nose wipes, hats, soothers. I love pockets that are easy access, and these ones are great as you aren't fiddling with snaps or zippers. Just reach in and get what you need! The cell phone pocket on the side is secure, which gives peace of mind, and the bottle pocket on the opposite side is mesh with an elasticized top, making it perfect for all bottle types and shapes.

Inside, there are two pockets that have an antibacterial lining, which is great for diapers and wipes. There are also pockets with elasticized tops, perfect for an extra change of clothes, bibs, spoons, socks, toys, teethers and so much more. The central space I used for larger items to keep our baby happy when we are out and about - linking rings, larger teething toys, books.

The diaper bag also features a very large, zippered antibacterial lined and waterproof wet bag. Seriously....this is amazing. For any mom who has dealt with a blowout at the mall or particularly stinky or wet diaper at a playdate, this is a lifesaver. Just toss everything in the wetbag, and seal it up until you get home. No more moments of thinking oh shoot! I forgot a plastic bag! because really...who remembers to put a plastic bag in their diaper bag for such emergencies?!

On the back of the bag there is a space for your change pad, with a magnetic snap to keep it secure.

The shoulder strap is incredibly comfortable and padded, and there are built in loops for hanging from your stroller. As pictured, I put our diaper bag on our simple umbrella stroller and found that there was no tipping. This was something that really stood out to me as I have had at least two other diaper bags that are so heavy in their construction that even when not full, they make the stroller too back heavy and lead to it tipping backwards.

If you are looking for a new, streamlined diaper bag, I definitely recommend the Baby K'Tan SmartGear Diaper Bag. It is functional, trendy and quite simply, the smartest diaper bag I have owned to date. (that's five years in mom years!)

Disclaimer: I was provided the Baby K'Tan SmartGear Diaper Bag by Baby K'Tan for the purposes of this review. All opinions expressed are my own.