5 years ago, I became a mom

After what I thought would be the longest pregnancy in history, full of "morning" sickness, trips to the hospital for a  big bleed, more back labour than anyone should ever experience, then a traumatic birth...this boy made me a mom.

His name? Owen Andrew David, affectionately known as my Bear.


Today, you are 5 years old. You are such a spectacular little boy.

This year, you started school. Full day, every day, you are at school filling that brain of yours with dreams and information. It's true what they say; children are sponges. Your absolute favorite thing is science. I will be absolutely shocked if later in life you don't become a scientist or an astronaut.

While you certainly know how to push our buttons and are a strong willed little thing, you are incredibly affectionate and caring. You push me beyond my boundaries, and when I see your beaming little face at the finish line of a race, my heart flutters with pride.

There are so many things that I want to say to you, to tell you. You have been the absolute best big brother to Graeme over the past year. You love sitting with him on the floor and making funny faces to make him laugh. He giggles and blows raspberries (which you call his volcanoes), and are trying to teach him new things all the time.

This year you participated in your first Jump Rope For Heart event and went above and beyond. I am just so proud of you Owen!

Thank you. Thank you for every single day that you push our boundaries, express your creativity and ask us a million questions about Skylanders, planets, and how things work.

You truly, are an amazing little boy.