10 Thoughts I Had About My Postpartum Body

A couple of months ago, I joined the #takebackpostpartum movement and posted a very vulnerable picture of my bare postpartum belly.

I had no idea the impact and reach that it would have. I shared it on Facebook and Twitter, and the likes started piling up. The comments started coming in and I was honoured to share this piece of myself with those I knew, and those I had yet to meet.

But my thoughts? Oooh....they were reeling.

1. What in hell am I thinking? Take it back take it back take it back

2. Maybe this will help one woman out there appreciate the changes that she's experiencing during pregnancy, and the anxiety she is having about what her body will be like after she gives birth to her baby.

3. How in the world do I have the linea nigra AFTER having him!? I thought that was supposed to come during pregnancy!

4. If I turn just so it looks like I have abs. Go me!

5. I'm decently happy with my midsection. I mean...the flat-rib-area is ok, but the under-the-belly-button area is just this ponch of flab.

6. Welp...it's the only body I've got! Might as well love it. And by love it, I mean where are the cookies?

7. I wonder if I'll ever see my belly button again....

8. Take it back take it back take it back

9. One day, regardless if my stomach still looks like this, I will feel confident in a badass sports bra and running leggings and dominate a race.

10. I'm so glad that I stayed active during pregnancy. This recovery has been a lot easier...

Bonus thought: totally having a glass of wine! I'll run tomorrow. Win!