Use DIY Projects as an Opportunity for Self Care

This month, the self care challenge takes a bit of a turn. It's spring..time to breathe in fresh air and start a project!

I have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to crafty projects. There are some that I have completed, some that I have created and others that are just too awesome for me to even comprehend where to start.

Pick a project that you really love. One that jumps out off the screen and says I have to make this! Then, get crafty with your bad self and create it.


The point of this months exercise in self care is to start and finish a project. Often, we start things and then discard them when something else comes along, we run out of time, or we get bored. Even if you have to work on your project five minutes here, a half an hour have the entire month to take it...start it...create it...finish it.

Report back at the end of the month with your projects! I can't wait to see them!