How to Process Birth Trauma

It's one of those topics that noone really wants to talk about, but is so important to verbalize.

Birth Trauma.

It can be scary, and it can lead to a million different emotional and mental complications {also ones that noone wants to talk about}.

It is important to process your birth trauma shortly after your birth has happened. The longer that you hold onto those emotions, the longer they have to fester and give life to guilt, depression, and a whole list of other traumatic complications.

When I meet with my postpartum doula clients, the first thing that I ask is how did your birth go? While I have been met with a wide range of answers, I find that it is best if I just sit and let them talk. They often need an outlet, a safe space, to process how everything went.

Did they feel in control?
Did something happen that they didn't consent to?
Did they feel respected?
If they deviated from their birth plan, was that ok?

If you need to process birth trauma, I strongly encourage you to talk it out. Find a friend and a quiet coffee shop, go out for a drink or dessert and just talk it out. Pour your heart on the table and let go of the guilt.

The best thing that you can do for yourself when you have experience birth trauma is to open up your heart and talk it out.