10 Thoughts While The Baby Is Napping

A parenting perspective today with my 10 Thoughts series. There are many times when I lay the babe down for one of his naps, and he is awake only about 20-45 minutes later. But...there are also the times where he rocks out a 3 hour nap and I am able to be Wonder Woman {figuratively}.

1. Why is Klaus such a jerk? I mean clearly he's in love with Caroline and all, but he's such a jerk to everyone. He says he's pure evil and can't help himself, but really he's a scared little man. It's so sad.

2. Did I eat breakfast?

3. No no no no no no....please go back to sleep....

4. What was I supposed to be looking for, again? Baby gates? Hypnobirthing? Spiritual Birth? No...wait...uhh...yep. Baby gates.

5. This Shane dude is crazzzzzy!

6. Oh Pinterest, you are a fountain of information....time-sucking-infographic-wonderful-information

7. I probably should figure something out for Father's Day.

8. I should also start juicing again, and get Owen to drink them before school. How is that kid living on chicken nuggets, noodles with cheese, granola bars and waffles?

9. Why can't laundry just fold itself? Someone really should get on inventing something for that.

10. Why does iced coffee make me have to pee so freaking much! Man, since having a baby my bladder is like "uh...no...no liquids please!"

Had a funny thought while your babe was napping? Post it in the comments!