10 Thoughts I Had While Running a Half Marathon

A new blog series kicks off today! 10 Thoughts I Had While.... will give you a bit of a glimpse into my thought process during certain tasks


Just a little glimpse, some perspective. Today...10 Thoughts I Had While Running a Half Marathon

1. I'm pretty sure I heard Owen go into our bedroom before I even left the house. Man that's early! Colin's not going to like that at all.

2. How are we only to Wharncliffe?!

3.I really need to get some long sleeved shirts that will stay down and not roll when I run.

4. I. Just. Stopped. Traffic. That is so cool! How many people can say that they had a police officer stop traffic so they could run through a major intersection!?

5. Gotta pee gotta pee gotta pee gotta pee. PORTA POTTY!

6. Photographer! Better start running! Smile! Cheese!

7. That is NOT 17km! Wait. Is it? Hot damn I hope so. Oh wait...nope...7km.

8. I freaking love this song (Shut Up And Dance) *wiggles bum and laughs*

9. I got signs!!! They made me signs!

10. That's my husband!!! That's Colin! Oh here comes Owen...*crying*

and a bonus thought: I can't wait to sit down. All I wanted at the end of the race was to get out my running gear and into comfy clothes and a different pair of shoes!

Have you run a long race before? What was going through your brain?