Tips for Tandem Nursing

Last fall, I posted in a new mom facebook group that I've belonged to for a few years, asking if there were any topics that they wished they could read up on while they were pregnant so as to prepare themselves for when their baby's were born.

Tandem nursing was on of the topics suggested, and one that I found particularly interesting so I went off searching for information to provide you with a great list of tips for tandem breastfeeding success.

As with breastfeeding a newborn, preparation is key so make sure that you set up a nursing station with all of the essentials:
Nipple cream
Receiving blankets
Keep your nursing station stocked so you have everything at reach.

Finding a local support group or lactation consultant can also do wonders. While reading articles and doing research is great, hands on knowledge is even better. Link up with a doula, a friend who has successfully tandem nursed, or a local breastfeeding group.

Nursing one is exhausting. Nursing two is even moreso. Make sure that you're getting regular rest. The old saying of sleep when the baby(s) sleep is even more true when you are tandem breastfeeding. Give yourself a bed time and stick to it!

Experiment with different holds until you are comfortable and look at where you are sitting when you nurse. You may need extra room for wiggly babies, so consider upgrading your glider to a larger recliner or chair-and-a-half. In terms of hold, some moms have experienced great success with lying babies one on top of the other across her belly. Others prefer a rugby or football hold, which makes sense. One arm per baby.

If you are tandem nursing a baby and a toddler, put together a basket of toys for the toddler to play with during sessions when they aren't nursing. As with most other things, toddlers need distraction when you are tending to a newborn. Coloring books, crayons, stickers to create their own story pages, and puppets are all fantastic options which are also quiet, so as to contribute to a peaceful atmosphere for everyone.

Breastfeeding is hard work, so be sure to surround yourself with people who support your choices and make you feel confident in them.

Have a tip for other tandem nursing moms out there? Leave it in the comments!