Simple Baby Food Combinations: Beef with Pear and Sweet Potatoes

When I got to making homemade baby food purees with my first baby, I experimented with combination foods and adding spices and herbs to vegetables and fruits. This time around, I really like sticking to pure foods and then mixing them up to create mini one-pot meals for our baby.

While making pureed beef isn't for the faint of heart, it is really nutritious for baby and if you get the texture just right, thickens other purees. It is great combined with things like parsnip and carrots, but I wondered about combining the beef puree with pears as they are (currently) our baby's favorite.

I mixed on cube of beef puree with two cubes pureed pears and two cubes of pureed sweet potatoes, and the combination was a huge hit with our little guy.

Since trying the combination, we have experimented with a few other beef based combos that are likely unexpected, but delicious for baby.

Beef with peaches and parsnips
Beef with oats and green beans
Beef with apples and carrots

I like storing all of my cubes in separate bags in the freezer so that I can mix and match combinations as needed.