Self Care Challenge: March

Can you smell it? Feel it?


It's right around the corner. If you still have snow on the ground, I bet the tiny crocus have popped out to show their beauty. Spring is almost can almost touch it!

This month for self care, we are focusing on fun.

I bet your haven't put yourself first in a long while and had a simple night of fun, out with your friends.

No dirty diapers to change
No babies to feed
No midnight murmurings on the baby monitor

Book a night with your girlfriends, and spend some time getting ready. Have a long, hot shower (when was the last time that you had one of those?!), complete with singing at the top of your lungs. Put on your fancy heels, a bit of bling and an extra layer of lipgloss.

Oh! And double check for spit up stains on your way out the door! If you have one, a baby wipe should clean it off pretty easily!