March Gratitude Exercise; Perspective

Some many years ago, one of my favorite writers wrote..

Is all that we see or seem
but a dream within a dream

-Edgar Allan Poe

This led me to think about gratitude and perspective. Often times, we choose to see things a certain way and sometimes even have preconceived notions of an outcome that has yet to be.

If gratitude can change everything, then perhaps it is all a matter of perspective.

Think of a situation or experience that you had recently that left you feeling...


Change your perspective.

Instead of feeling angry or sad, fearful or lonely, frustrated or agitated...think for a moment and hold gratitude in your heart. What did you learn from that situation?  If it was a door that closed, maybe even slammed shut in your face, did another opportunity present itself that led to something so much more wonderful and beautiful?

Gratitude can truly change everything, even a moment of anger.