Shopping to Skin Care, a real mom's #selfcare routine

A big thanks to Jennifer Zehr, mom of three little boys, for taking the time to write about self care this month! 

Over the holidays I went shopping for a new dress coat. I had finally gotten rid of the one I had for more years than I can remember. I had popped the bottom two buttons and never bothered to replace it, as I was preggos 3 times during the winter so it worked for me! I held on to it until babies were done so it was time to put it to rest. My parents had given me $100 cash for Christmas so I took that money to buy a new coat. Usually it would have just gone into the account and end up getting spent on groceries, gas and bills.

We had gone to my in-laws for the day and I was able to sneak out a little early before a meeting to go shopping alone. No one to tag along. No kids. No husband, and no friends. Just me and no agenda other than to spend time at the mall, which I haven’t done in a long time (I live in a town without a mall). I was able to find a great coat right away AND it was less than $65 after tax! So I had more money to spend and I thought briefly about saving it for something else, but that thought didn't last long. I started shopping for some new shirts to wear to work. I found really great deals and was enjoying the retail therapy. Then, I remembered I was given $100 cash from my God parents earlier in the holiday season, so, I kept shopping! I did pick up two shirts- one for my eldest son and the other for my husband, but it was such a great feeling to spend sometime without a schedule and without family. Just me.

Before having kids I worked part time at the mall. I always found the greatest deals and was quite the shopper. Most women know what a little retail therapy can do for their spirits. And this brought back a small piece of me. You know that part that fades a bit when you are busy looking after your kids and family that you don't have much time to bring out very often?

Now are you wondering what my shopping has to do with skincare? Or self care after your baby? Its so easy to get caught up in our new babies and our growing families and to try to meet and exceed their needs all day- every day. But when do we get to meet our own needs? A coffee date with a girlfriend on a Tuesday afternoon doesn't count when you are changing diapers and wiping snotty noses while chatting about what recipes you saw on Pintrist for your picky toddler to eat their veggies. Whatever happened to the days where you'd get all done up for dinner out with the girls or even those P.J. nights where you'd eat cheesecake out of the pan with just forks – no need to plate it! (or was that just my roommates and I?!) and just chat about celebrity gossip or tell stories of the last vacation you went on. Now we're lucky if we can stay up past 10 pm - and if we do we are scrolling down Facebook and sharing "HOW TO" guides on our own page so we can find them at a later date (and later never seems to come!)

If you want to be able to be the best mom and wife, you need to be able to refuel yourself. Take and make time to put YOU as #1. If you don’t – not many others will! And when you do put yourself first- DON'T feel guilty about it.

When my second son was 6 months old I started to sell Aloette. A direct sales home party business that sells aloe vera based skincare, body care and mineral makeup.I did this for a few reasons. #1 make some extra money and #2 get out of the house- forces me to shower every couple of days and put makeup on! But I turned out to be pretty good at being a consultant and it soon became less about the income (although this is great and is increasing overtime!) but more about helping other women. Woman are encouraged to take the night out with the girls. SHOP, TALK & EAT. And get pampered at the same time as relaxing with the girls. All my hostesses receive a complimentary facial and makeover . They feel at their best when their guests arrive.

Isn't it a great feeling when someone does your makeup or when you get a new hair cut? I get to give this feeling to each hostess and everyone who buys the skincare routine is able to take a break every morning and night. Your skincare routine does so much more for you than you might think. In the morning- taking these 3 minutes to cleanse , nourish and protect your skin you can not only help have great, glowing, fresh skin to start your day, but take the time to reflect and do the same for your mind. Cleanse it of negativitiy & nourish it with the affirmations for a positive day. Protect it throughout the day by reaffirming and letting go of negativity (changing your surroundings helps with this) At night, those 3 minutes can often become 7. But that’s okay. LOCK the bathroom door and take all the time you need. For once there is no one walking in the bathroom (really, at what point do you get to pee alone?) For me, it's my unwind time and I can reflect on how the day went. Focusing on what to be grateful for that day (some days are more challenging than others).

Just like with your baby you will develop a routine, typically its bath, bottle, story, bed. Your nightly skincare routine gives a similar effect and helps you have a better nights rest.Don’t think of it as a chore. Its your time to refuel, re-energize and put yourself first. NEVER FEEL GUILTY for taking time for yourself. Find a time that works for you. If at 11 pm your too tired, give yourself your facial after dinner.

Your future self (and skin!) will thank you for it!

Jennifer Zehr
Aloette Manager
Hiring $25/hr


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