National Heart Month, Goals and #GetOutAndGo

Happy National Heart Month!

I am so thrilled to be working together with Staples Canada this month to promote their #GetOutAndGo campaign. What is the goal? Well...just as the hashtag says, to get out there, go, get faster, get stronger.

My personal goals for this month are....
  • stick to my training schedule as closely as possible
  • listen to my body and rest if it needs it
  • strength train with the Reebok medicine ball circuit on my rest days
  • inspire my 4 year old to #getoutandgo once a week with me
  • focus on the experience, not the pace

National Heart Month is something that means the world to me. In 2005, my Dad passed away from a massive heart attack. He was, very simply, my hero. Losing him was one of the most devastating points in my life. It rocked the very core of who I am, and even though I feel him near when there is a chill in the room that only I can feel, I still miss him every single day.

It's not too late to take care of your own heart and #GetOutAndGo. Follow me on Instagram to see how my training is going, and to get little tips and tricks of how you can incorporate heart healthy activities, recipes and lifestyle into your every day.

This week brings #FCRR Half Marathon Training, learning to properly fuel my body for long runs, and getting some strength training in. What are your goals this month? Use the hashtag #GetOutAndGo, take care of your heart, and encourage those around you to be active this month!

Disclaimer: I was sent a fit kit by Staples Canada as a part of their #GetOutAndGo campaign. Set your own heart healthy goals, and get out there! All opinions expressed are my own.