Gratitude Mandala

While searching for the perfect graphic for this post, I stumbled across the idea of a gratitude mandala and thought that it would be the perfect idea for this months gratitude exercise.

Think of a recent experience or hardship. Often, it is these trying moments and times where trauma breaks through where we see our true strength and there are the most lessons to be learned. It is also in this space where we have the most to be thankful for.

What will your gratitude mandala look like?

For me, I am thankful for the experience of birth trauma. Yeah, I know...kind of sick, right? Well, for me, birth trauma brought me to where I am today. It showed me my true power and strength. It showed me resolve. It tested my limits and shook the very core of who I am.

But I will be forever grateful, because the outcome was Owen. I look at that little guy, who will be five in just a few months, and I am grateful that he is here. He is my anchor, and he holds me steady. He's a constant, and as much as he tests my patience, I know that it's only tested because he is so very much like his mom. My passion, my resolve, my core shines through in him and that is pretty amazing to witness.

What will your gratitude mandala look like?