February Self Care Challenge #selfcare #moms

Happy February, mama's! This month, it's all about taking time out of your busy mama schedule to give yourself a little love.

It might sound weird to just stare at yourself in the mirror, but we actually do it alot. I dare you to walk through a department store and not gaze at your reflection in the mirror or store window.

We do it ever.single.day.

And more often than not, we are looking at the imperfections. Lines, wrinkles, saggy skin. These should be higher, this should be tighter.

But what if...what if you looked in the mirror and loved yourself? Just...gave yourself some love?

Those dark circles? They're there because you were tending to your baby over night.
The stretch marks? Because you grew beautiful babies in your belly.
Wrinkles due to stressing over the well being of your children because you just love them so much.

Your challenge this month is to look in the mirror, and love yourself. Your face, stretch marks, scars, dark circles. Everything.