February Self Care Challenge Checkin #selfcare

Even though February is a short month, I do hope that you were able to work in a few minutes for self care, especially since it is the month so closely associated with romance and love.

How did you love yourself this month? Your challenge was to look in the mirror and for five minutes, appreciate every wrinkle, line, and flaw.

With every line, there is a story. I have a scar on my neck from a cyst that needed to be removed when I was in high school. I remember, fondly, that my Dad got a real kick out of moving the light for our doctor and paraded around all day saying he assisted with my surgery.

I have a scar over my eye from pulling on my dogs whiskers when I was three
I have stretch marks on my belly from carrying three precious babes
I have stretch marks on my hips and arms from weight loss
I have lines on my forehead from worry and stress

But they are all mine and they tell my story, and for that...I love them.

Do you love yours?