5 Ways To Love Who You Are

This year for Valentine's Day, take the focus off the candy, chocolate, hand drawn hearts and sparkly things. (just for a second, then you can go right back to being spoiled by your valentine!)

Take a look at who you are and consider for a moment...do you love who you are? There are probably elements of who you are that you really like...

Maybe you've been doing the squat challenge and you really like your booty
Perhaps you've taken a painting class and found a hobby that you really enjoy with a hidden talent you're proud of

But...do you love you?

Be proud

Have you accomplished something really awesome lately, but were too humble to take the credit and celebrate it? Shout that accomplishment from the rooftops. Take credit where credit is due and be proud of your accomplishments! Too often, we as women shy away from praise and I personally think that is a load of you-know-what. Take the praise, be thankful for it!

Appreciate your stretch marks

Sure, they're deemed unsightly by society for the most part and more often than not are photoshopped out of magazine spreads. But consider this...they carried love, once...twice...three time. They carried an immense amount of love and etched something so profound and unconditional onto your heart. Love them. Embrace them.


Maybe it's a pair of diamond earrings, or maybe it's as simple as a new lipgloss. Again, as mom's and women we put our needs last. Well, today is your day to go out and buy yourself something pretty. Just because it's for you, and just because you can.

Tap a nap

Seriously, sister friend...go take a nap. And not the kind where you have to set your alarm to get up at a specific time. The kind where you mindfully put yourself to sleep, in the good sheets and wearing your favorite pajamas. The kind where you lock your bedroom door and put in ear plugs so you don't have to hear the gentle knocking of the kiddos. Let yourself rest.

Have a secret chocolate stash

Again...you probably put yourself last. You sacrifice the last bit of milk for the kiddos cereal and your coffee goes without. You give up the last waffle or pancake at breakfast because someone else just had to have it, meanwhile you haven't even been able to sit down and eat yet. So I propose this. This Valentine's Day, buy your absolute favorite chocolate and hide it. Don't even tell your husband. Just stash it away and when he asks hey do we have anything sweet? answer him with you've got me! I've totally done this on a handful of occasions and, while he always finds my stash, it's mine and mine alone for about a whole day.

Happy Valentine's Day, mama! You deserve the world!