Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

From the moment that those two pink lines appear on your home pregnancy test, to the moment that your babe is in your arms you worry about the health of your baby.

Did you do everything you could to give them the best start?
Did you eat right?
Did you eat enough?
Did you eat too much?
Did you exercise enough? Too much? Not at all?

Relax! Here are some simple tips to have a healthy pregnancy, written by a mom who has had one not-so-healthy pregnancy and one really great one (me!)


I know that you probably are up in the middle of the night three of four times to go to the bathroom, and that sneezing requires super human thigh and pelvic floor strength, but hydration is a key component to having a healthy pregnancy. It can help keep your blood pressure stable, keep false labour at bay and can also help curb cravings that you don't want to give in to. The rule of thumb is take your body weight, divide in half. That's the number of ounces of water you should be consuming in a day. ie: I'm 160lbs, half of that is 80. I should be getting 80oz of water a day.

Stay Active

Whether it's going for a walk a few times a week, joining a prenatal yoga class, or swimming (which is super gentle on your body while you're pregnant!), stay active! Not only can it help you have an easier labour, staying active during pregnancy can help your body bounce back after you have your baby. Remember to stick with activities that you were consistently doing prior to pregnancy. If you weren't a runner then, now is not the time to start!

Eat Well

Sure, you're eating for two, but that doesn't give you carte blanche to go wild at the buffet. The truth of it is that you only need to be consuming about 500 extra calories during pregnancy. So load up on veggies and fruits, add a juice into your morning routine, and see the cravings for for all.the.things. diminish. During my last pregnancy, in the first trimester all I wanted were carbs. If I saw bread and over. So, instead of loading up on refined white flour and whatnot, I opted for whole grains. And when the cravings do strike and you find yourself eating a slice (whole) chocolate cake...balance it out by getting active, hydrating, and juicing.

And that's it! Three simple steps that you can take to have a healthy pregnancy.

Be Active
Eat Well

Be mindful about what is going on with your body; it truly is an amazing thing!