Simple Baby Food Recipes: Squash Apple Carrot Puree

We are right in the thick of experimenting with solids. It was my absolute favorite time with our first son, Owen, and I am loving the experience with Graeme so far. Whether you choose to go with baby led weaning or start with purees, all of the recipes that I will be sharing here on the blog will be easy to make at home, and nutritious for your little one!


Acorn squash
2 large apples
1 small bag of baby carrots

My favorite method for prepping ingredients for baby food is roasting. Set your oven to 425F and while it is preheating, prep your veggies and fruit.

To prep your acorn squash, simple cut it in half lengthwise and remove the seeds. I saved the seeds to roast them later, at the request of our 4 year old who learned about them at school, but certainly you can toss them, or try your hand at planting them in your veggie garden. Place your squash flesh side down in a casserole dish, and add about a quarter inch of water to help it steam. Cover and set aside.

In your second casserole dish, place your rinsed carrots and cored apples. Add about a quarter of an inch of water to help with steaming.

Put both casseroles in the oven for 25minutes to roast. When your timer goes off, remove the dish with your carrots and apples and leave it to cool. Continue to roast your squash for another 20 minutes.

Once both pans have cooled, scoop out the flesh of the squash with a spoon.

Now, puree! Using your immersion blender, food processor, blender...whatever device you use for blending and pureeing in your kitchen, blend together the apples, squash and carrots. Divide into ice cube trays or your baby food freezing system and freeze, then pop the cubes into a freezer bag for storage!

Apples, carrots and squash are all great first foods for your infant and can be introduced from 4 months on (with the approval of your pediatrician of course!).

Yield: 60 cubes

To adapt for baby led weaning, chop your squash, carrots and apples into bite sized chunks and lightly steam until soft and easy for your baby to pick up off of their tray.