Self Care Challenge

The holidays have come and gone, and it's the start of a brand new year. To inspire you to take some time for yourself, just once a month, I am starting a Self Care Challenge!

Each month, there will be a new challenge posted. When you've completed the challenge that month, write in the comments what you did and how to feel.

My hope is that by doing these challenges you not only will feel refreshed, but you will also see the importance of taking some time for yourself. If at any point you start to feel guilty for taking time out for yourself, stop and remember that you deserve the time away, the time to recharge and to be happy. You also deserve the peace and quiet!

A bubble bath. Easy peasy...but lock the door. Turn the lights off and create an atmosphere of relaxation for yourself.

Candles...heck, ever music if you like!

Once you've taken your rest and relaxation time, comment below!