Year End Reflections #coaching #reflection

As you sit down with your morning cup of coffee {or tea}, take some time to reflect today. It's December 30th. Tomorrow, at midnight, another year will have passed.

What did you accomplish?
What are you proud of?

Here is my challenge for you, one that I am really hoping you will do and come back to report on!

This reflection is all about you, noone else. It is meant to be a positive, mindful exercise to open your eyes to where you came from, what you started the year with and how you are finishing it out.

Be proud of the things that you have accomplished and the goals you have checked off your list
Be thankful for the happy accidents that crossed your path at just the right time
Take comfort in your regrets, as they may be things that weren't supposed to happen for you at that time
Know that when we take time to help others, we help our soul grow and flourish
Be content with things forgotten; if they were truly important, they wouldn't have been forgotten at all

Come back and share your reflections! How will they shape your 2015?