Why I Doula

As I've gotten more and more into helping new moms find their groove, I wanted to take a moment to explain why I doula.

I doula to support
I doula to advocate
I doula to educate

I doula for you

When I was looking for a doula during my last pregnancy, I was pretty clear about what I wanted. I wanted to feel supported and confident in our parenting decisions. I wanted someone who wouldn't question me about what we wanted, but would advocate for us and help us feel empowered.

I had heard that doulas are all the same; they're hippies to the core and will push you into a natural birth. They'll push you to breastfeed and won't back down when it comes to some really sensitive topics. Essentially, that they have their own agenda and will, politely, force it on you. Failure to fall within their ideals means they won't work with you.

My vision of what, and who, a doula is changed when we met Jena. She was incredibly supportive and said something that has stuck with me throughout labor, delivery, postpartum and now doula work.

It only works if it works for you

How true that is!! As a doula, my goal is to help you find what works for you, and not by impressing my opinion on you as to what worked for me or what I think is ideal, but by looking at your life, routine, your family and helping you find your groove.

I have a specific interest in supporting the emotional and mental well being of moms with postpartum depression because I've been there and it can be really hard.

I have an interest in supporting families going through pregnancy after a loss, those who have or are experiencing birth trauma and moms who are just really overwhelmed and struggling to find themselves again.

I have an interest in helping parents find their voice and feeling good when they make a decision.

It only works if it works for you

Hold onto that
Remember that
Recite it over and over in your head when that baby is placed in your arms and know that you are doing everything right