Tangerine Dream #juice #recipe

Loaded with vitamin C, fiber, vitmin A and folic acid, this juice recipe is a great one for your immune system!

1 large tangerine, peeled
1 apple
1 pear
1 cup blueberries

Start by juicing half of your apple or pear, then your tangerine. Push the rest of your apple or pear through, then your blueberries. Remember to always follow a soft fruit or leafy vegetable with a hard fruit of vegetable. End with the rest of your apple or pear.

Swirl, and pour into a glass.

Tip: I love the mason jar style glasses for my juices as they naturally let the juice under the foam to the front when I tilt it. The foam on the juices isn't always the most appetizing, so I usually re-swirl at the end once it separates from the juice below, then down the hatch!