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Just five more minutes...those are the words that ring in my head most mornings when the baby starts fussing, wanting to be fed or changed.

Just five more minutes.

So far, we haven't had much luck in the window covering department to ensure that he has the proper blackout blinds so his sleep goes uninterrupted. Thankfully, with the ¾" Premier Single Cell Blackout Shades in Linen Bark, those five more minutes of peace and quiet are becoming a reality.

Aside from the blackout feature of these cellular shades, I really love that they are cordless which means that they are a safe option for baby nurseries and children's rooms. On the main level of our house, we have all of the cords tucked up and under the cell shades that came with the house. Not exactly ideal, and little hands can still reach up to roll them down...pinching fingers, and posing strangulation hazards. Having cordless, blackout blinds or roller shades is a a safer choice when you have small children in your home.

Blinds.com is helping parents get those precious five more minutes by making safer choices when it comes to window coverings, blackout blinds and cellular shades for around the home.

Those sweet five more minutes are sometimes all you need in the middle of the night to recharge your batteries. For me, shopping the Safer for Kids Collection at Blinds.com provided us not only those five extra minutes of sleep, peace and quiet, but they also provided us peace of mind as our little guy grows up and starts to be on the move.

From a home decor perspective, the Blinds.com Blackout Cellular Shades in Bark coordinate really well with the Where The Wild Things are theme, and will certainly grow with the room as it changes from nursery to toddler bedroom and beyond, all the while being a safe window covering choice.

The perceived texture of the cell shades is fantastic, and plays nicely off of the natural wooden mobile hanging over his crib (at a safe distance, of course!). We chose to put his crib on a wall away from the window to ensure that there would be no cords to play with once he is a bit older, rolling...crawling...kneeling and eventually standing.

Five more minutes...that's all I wanted, and thankfully, I have gotten far more than that. I got my shades from Blinds.ca but you can also find the same ones here at Blinds.com, and while you are there, check out the full Safer for Kids Collection, which is on sale for the month of October.

Make the switch to cordless cellular and blackout shades like we did, and enjoy your five more minutes. Enter in for your chance to win $100 to Blinds.com below!

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Disclaimer: I was provided the ¾" Premier Single Cell Blackout Shades in Linen Bark from Blinds.com for the purposes of this review. All opinions expressed, as always, are my own.