Friendsgiving Party Inspiration #thanksgiving #party

Have you heard of Friendsgiving? Basically, it's getting all of your pals together and having Thanksgiving, showing one another how much you care and then feasting until your heart is content and your belly is full.

I love this party theme and thought I would do a little guide of food, printables and part inspiration.

When I have hosted this party in the past, we did it as a midday luncheon so it was appropriate to have croissants with cranberry sauce, brie, baby spinach and oven roasted turkey from the deli. Very easy to put together, and something that we put out buffet style so that guests could build their own. (source)

Other yummy foods to have on hand are Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower, Toasts with Mozzarella and Pepper Jelly, and something yummy like Caramel Apple Butter Cheesecake Dip. Use fresh flavours from your farmers market, loads of apples and cranberries, and sip on Apple Cider!

Create the perfect backdrop by dressing up your fireplace with this beautiful handmade banner from Oaklea Cottage Designs

And don't forget your party printables, designed by Noogle (which can be customized to suit your color scheme, of course!)

Make it beautiful, cozy and warm. Light candles, put out pumpkins and enjoy the time with friends, who really are more like family.

Happy Friendsgiving!