Fall Flower Arrangements from Pinterest #flowers #autumn

While scouring the pages of Pinterest for fall flower arrangements, I was determined to find something that didn't incorporate pumpkins. Not that pumpkins aren't lovely this time of year, but they.are.everywhere.

Then I found this pin, by gardentherapy.ca, and thought it was so lovely...for a variety of reasons.

A simple jar from your fridge (empty of course) wrapped with birch bark and twine, then filled with white and light orange flowers. Really, you could fill it with any color of flowers for it to be appropriate for fall, as it gets its main design elements from the birch bark and twine.

The details from the birch bark and twine are beautiful. Rustic, yet clean and simple.

Look in your kitchen cupboards for vessels that are different and unique. We have some beautiful milk glass pieces that I love to fill with flowers, as well as mason jars and traditional clear vases. Then take fresh snips from your garden, or visit a local farmers market for in seasons flowers. 

To see more beautiful fall flower arrangements, visit the gallery on Home Trends Magazine. They have curated some of the most gorgeous arrangements, in vessels like vintage silver footed basins and milkglass pieces.