Don't Take Any Crap #motivation #style #confidence #coaching

When looking for a coaching topic for this month, as we enter in the final Quarter to really make an impact on ourselves and our businesses, this quote stuck a chord with me.

Clearly, I always advocate for wearing something cute, and the "take no crap" attitude is one that I impress on my clients, so this quote I really really love.

I used to be one of those people who always said yes, who always took the crap that I was given. While I may have always been a wee bit on the stubborn side, I've also always been the one to say yes sir and yes ma'am, regardless of how it impacts my schedule or stress level.

No more.

Take no crap, and that includes being asked to do things for people who aren't willing to give you an ounce of their time. I've written about this before, here and over on These people are energy vampires. You give and give and give, and all you get back is...well...crap.

Know that it is okay, and necessary, to say no and to not accept the crap. You are so much better than it, and deserve to interact with people and make connections that put a stop to the crap.

So, repeat after me.

I will wear something cute
I will not take any crap

Go into this last quarter of the year with a renewed sense of strength and self!