Relaxation and the Mom of Two Boys

So, now that I'm the mom of two boys, to a husband with a brother, four male cousins, two uncles....I get the picture right? I'm surrounded by boys!

So what the heck do I do to get away from all of the trains, trucks, rough housing and craziness? I go to the spa.

My favorite spa in London, Ontario is Artistic Spa. I've been going here for about five years now, and have been for manicures, pedicures, facials, massages (both pre and postnatal), and full body treatments.

My favorite area at the spa is the Pedicure Lounge

It's just such a unique and relaxed atmosphere. Kind of artsy, open concept, but in a lovely old house right in the heart of our downtown.

My favorite treatment is the Sugar Daddy Scrub with Warm Apricot Oil Massage. It's seriously heavenly; performed in a treatment room with a fireplace on the wall, tranquil music playing and soft aromatherapy to relax you, all of my cares melt away.

So, mama, when was the last time you took some time for yourself and really relaxed? It might be a 30 minute aromatherapy massage that you need, or even a half spa day to get really pampered. Whatever you choose, turn your phone off {better yet, leave it in the car!}, and take a deep breath. You deserve it!

Oooh...I have a birthday right around the corner...perhaps I need to take some relaxation time!