New Month, New Goals #WDW10km #ua #IWillWhatIWant

Oh, hello September! A new month to conquer, with new goals and some really awesome events that I will be participating in!

The events that I have coming up this month are pretty incredible. First, I am participating in the Badass Dash on my wedding anniversary (September 13th) with my husband. Yep...7km and 30 obstacles...mud...hills...water...ahh!! I am really excited about it, albeit super intimidated, but I know that I can do 7km and the obstacles will just be a part of the fun!

using my Arrow to guide my feet

I only have a couple of weeks to really train for Badass Dash, so I'm focusing on adding things like squats, kettlebells, walking lunges, and box jumps into my runs. We have a playground around the corner, which will definitely come in handy! My compression leggings will help to condition my muscles so that they will be good to go for the Dash, as well.

Then I have my one year Raceaversary with my bests at the Oasis Zoo Run at Toronto Zoo. It was my first every 5km event last year, on my birthday weekend, and I am so excited to return and run in it again. This year, my bff's son is running in the 5km as well, and I'm hugely proud that he's taking the challenge and doing it! My bff's are doing the 10km, which is pretty incredible as well! It'll be a great weekend, one that I am really looking forward to.

My first race! September 21, 2013
 So, what are my goals for this month?

Run three times a week
Incorporate calisthenics into my training for the Dash
Complete all the obstacles at Badass Dash
Finish the Oasis Zoo Run with a time of 43mins (or less!)
Plank every day

That last one, the planks? Well, core strength is something that is really important for runners, and really important if you have just had a baby. My belly is certainly coming back quickly, but I want to tighten and tone my muscles. Whether it's 30 seconds or 3 minutes, there will be a plank done every single day!

What are your goals this month? How are you staying active, healthy and setting a positive example for those around you?

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