Learn to Meditate #meditation #mentalhealth

I've written about Meditation Oasis before here on the blog, but wanted to give a seasonal reminder that mental health is important. Taking time to meditate every day, especially when you are stressed or feel overwhelmed, but I often get asked how do you meditate?

While you will find what works for you, here is what I do.

When I get ready for bed, I turn off all noise. No TV, white sound machine, fan...nothing. Open the window for some fresh air, and turn the lights off.

Then, I snuggle down in bed and put my sleep mask on. I find that it almost give me a layer of protection from the outside light and noise when I am meditating. Once I am comfortable, and covered with warm blankets (I find that meditating makes my body feel cold), I put my earbuds in and close my eyes.

Why ear buds? Why night time?

Well, ear buds because it helps me focus. I'm ok with thoughts swirling in my head, but not ok with outside noise which I find really distracting. Again, it's like a physical barrier between me and the outside.

Night time because, in all honesty, this is the only time that I have 100% to myself. In those 8-25minutes of a meditation, it is completely my time. I also find that meditating at night allows me to sleep more soundly, and lets my brain regroup overnight, making for a more productive and positive day upon waking up.

My number one tip on how to meditate would have to be to do it when you are able to be completely alone. Small children often don't understand that it's a time for quiet, and I find that there are more distractions during the daytime. Even something as simple as sunshine can be a distraction to your meditative process!

Try it! You just might like it!