It's Fall, Ya'll! #party #trends

Fall is {in my opinion} the most wonderful time of the year. Boots, jeans, lots of layers. Apple cider, maple donuts, and stew. All things yummy, cozy and warm.

This fall, I want to throw an It's Fall, Ya'll party, so I've been curating some of my favorite ideas on Pinterest.

Not to be confused with a Halloween party, a Fall party is more about the flavors and scents than dressing up and being spooky.

Think apples hallowed out for candle holders. Pumpkin flavored craft beer. Garlands of pine cones. Kettle corn. Caramel apples.


And pie...we must have pie!


To keep it cozy, I am planning for an afternoon to evening outdoor event, complete with campfire and s'mores, and lots of blankets for snuggling!