How To Enjoy Fireworks With Your Family

Every summer children and parents look forward to one thing, celebrating the summer holidays with fireworks. The timing is perfect; it coincides with many Canada Day celebrations, which is when 37% of Canadians (via Web Perspectives “Celebration of Light” online survey) attend various firework displays across the country.

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What do we love about going to the fireworks?

Well, it is a great family friendly event to attend. Often, you will find additional activities for children such as bouncy castles, petting zoos and carnival games. Of course, there is always delicious food, but there really is nothing better about a summer fireworks celebration than sitting out under the stars with your family on a big blanket to oooh and ahhh over the colours and sparkle. Actually, 52% of those surveyed think firework displays are a great event to enjoy with friends and family, and plenty of food and drinks!

As noted by those who stated they attended fireworks regularly 56% claimed it was for the fireworks display, 23% loved the outdoor atmosphere, 16% looked forward to having the community gathering together, and a meek 5% admitted it was all about the glow sticks and cotton candy. 

From picnic blankets to extra activities, a fireworks display is a great way to kick off summer.

Here are some tips for celebrating fireworks with your family safely:

·                     Always use caution when near fireworks. These are explosives, after all, so leave ignition to the professionals!

·                     Since fireworks are a night activity, bring an extra bag of long sleeved shirts, jackets and pants for your children. Better yet, have them get dressed into their pajamas before the fireworks display starts!

·                     Sparklers can get very hot, so be sure to only give them to older children and wrap a damp paper towel around the handle to prevent burns.

Vancouver’s Celebration of Lights is one of the country’s most notable fireworks celebrations, and it includes something for everyone. Families can delight in free activities at Sunset Beach in an outdoor atmosphere; this atmosphere is one of the biggest reasons for attending a fireworks display as noted by 16% of those that took the online survey. Plus there are face painters, roaming mascots and lots more on site to entertain both those young and old.

The Vancouver Celebration of Lights is also a fantastic event for a date night out, which survey participants agreed wholeheartedly about with a whopping 47% positive result! From taking part in the entertainment at Sunset Beach to indulging in the VIP experience at The Keg Lounge, the Celebration of Lights is a non-stop date night event sure to impress.

If you are headed to an open community fireworks celebration this summer with family and friends, and have the opportunity to take along a cooler of refreshments, consider taking along a pitcher of strawberry lemonade and fun summer snacks such as chocolate dipped pretzels, marshmallow crispy squares, orange wedges, strawberries and freezies for the kids. Better yet, if you are able to have open flame, pack all of the necessary ingredients for s’mores!

Another popular treat to bring to our local fireworks celebration are cupcakes, and more often than not they can be easily themed for the occasion. Simply pick up a cake mix from the grocery store, but frost with homemade butter cream icing; using a simple combination of confectioners’ sugar and butter (3:1 ratio). Then, top with whatever decorations you like including coloured sprinkles, chocolate candies, flags, paper umbrellas. There are so many fun elements that you can use to decorate your cupcakes, and all readily available at your local party store. 

Join the 47% of Canadians that took part in this online survey who think that firework displays are a great celebration that anyone can enjoy; including those who agree it makes for a romantic night out, and will be attending a fireworks celebration this summer!

Disclaimer: All opinions and views expressed are my own. The data within this article is based upon a Web Perspectives “Celebration of Lights Survey” completed by 808 panelists.