Dealing with Rejection #coaching #confidence


Rejection. It's a feeling that noone ever ever ever wants to feel, but one that we feel frequently, unfortunately.

So, how do we deal with the feeling that we've been rejected? How do we deal with it when we feel disappointed in ourselves or when someone doesn't come through for us?

As the quote above suggests, look at rejection as an opportunity. Now is your chance to grow, to follow your heart and realize that you likely weren't meant to link up with that person, or provide that service, or create that product. Open yourself up to the new possibility that is there when the door filled with rejection closes.

Take romantic relationships, for example. Had I stayed with the football jock in highschool, I would have sacrificed things about myself that would have made me very unhappy. I would never have met my husband, or been blessed with my boys. Rejection? In the moment, certainly felt that way. Now? I look back and see that it was redirection. I was being pushed to something so much more awesome than I ever could have imagined.

The next time you feel rejected, take pause. Consider what is around the corner, the possibility of something new, of something (or someone) that you haven't even met yet.