Creamy Sausage Spinach Macaroni Recipe

This recipe is from my postpartum doula toolkit, supports milk supply for the breastfeeding mom, and it one that the entire family can enjoy.

What you'll need:

elbow macaroni
sausage (I used turkey breakfast sausages)
cream cheese
salt and pepper

While your pasta is cooking away, sautee your breakfast sausage in a large skillet. When your sausage is just about cooked through, remove it from the pan and slice into bite sized pieces.

Toss the sausage back into the skillet, adding in the spinach (just tear it up with your hands) and season with salt and pepper. Turn the heat to low, and allow the spinach to wilt.

Once everything is cooked, put your pasta, sausage and spinach into a large mixing bowl. Add cubed cream cheese (as much or as little as you would like) and stir everything together until coated with the cream cheese. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

This makes an easy meal that you can whip up in advance, and put in storage containers for the freezer while you are pregnant to prepare for those first few weeks with baby.

Tip: swap out the turkey sausage for mild Italian, cheddar, onion etc. This will keep the dish naturally flavored and different, so you are less likely to get bored of the same ol' pasta dish.

You can also switch up your greens! Consider bok coy, kale or swiss chard instead of spinach!