Compression Gear to Speed up Recovery Time

If you are a regular runner, you know that muscle cramps and sore joints sort of come with the territory. Did you know that by incorporating compression gear into your running wardrobe can help speed up your recovery time, making your training easier?

As part of my training for both Badass Dash and WDW10km, I have been incorporating calisthenics. We have a park right around the corner that is perfect for it.

Benches to use for elevated planks and tricep dips
Paved walkways for sprints
Stairs and ramps for climbing
Monkey bars for upper body strength
Benches to use as hurdles

With all of that added to my running route, it means that my muscles are doing extra work and cramping is a good possibility. Instead of risking injury a week before Badass Dash, I put my UA Fly By Compression Capris on, and noticed a difference immediately.

While I was running, I noticed that my legs felt sturdier than ever. My muscles were tight, my legs moving fast, and my pace improved tremendously.

Then, when I circled by the park to my first bench for tricep dips, a plank and squats, my legs had a chance to rest. I was a little worried that they would be too tired but was I ever wrong. After my quick set of body exercises, I sprinted to the next set of benches. And I mean SPRINTED. I ran fast and hard, and when I got to the benches, I jumped up on the bench...ran across and down...jumped up on the second...across and down!

It felt really awesome to add some variety into my run, and it is definitely something that I will continue to do on days that I run in my compression capris to ensure that I minimize the risk of injury. I feel that the combination makes me a better runner, and that races will come easier.

I am excited to see how training with my UA compression gear, and how they help me perform at the WDW10km! The fabric is super soft and they fit like a second skin, so there is no chafing (something that will be important in a 10km race!), and they even feature a zippered back pocket for your keys or ID! Just an overall smart design, and the color is out of this world!

Stay tuned for details of my WDW10km outfit, including my UA Fly By Compression Capris!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.