Trendy Nail Lacquer for Fall #beauty #nails

Ever since doing the #CSMTKO in the Spring, I've been playing with different nail polish colors and accents. Dark with light, sparkles and glitter, accent nails.

There's just something so polished about having your nails done!

Fall Nail Colors

Going into fall, it's time to grab some rich hues like burgundy, dark teal, and navy. Charcoal with some sparkle, and champagne as well!

Rich and warm, these polishes will certainly help with the Summer to Fall transition.

My favorite from the polishes selected above is the dark teal. It is so deep and rich, and is perfect for a casual outfit, or dressed up with a fancy dress. A great color for a manicure, it also makes a great polish for an end of summer pedicure.

I would pair it with the champagne from Butter if I was using the teal in a pedicure, and with the black sparkly Essie if I was using the teal in a manicure.

Which is your favorite fall polish color?