Summer Bridal Shower Inspiration #bridetobe

This coming weekend, I am throwing a beautiful backyard garden party bridal shower for my friend Rebecca, who is getting married this fall. From favors to desserts, signature drinks to infused water...everything is going to be girly, pretty, light and airy.

I've been planning this shower since February, moreso because I wanted to be prepared for it knowing that baby boy would be here about a month prior to the shower, but also because party planning is super fun for me.

Baby Shmizz has been busy designing the printed elements, and I'll reveal all of that next week, but for favorite part of the party...

The flower arrangements will be in various jars, glasses and jugs. Fairly rustic and using flowers that you would typically find in your garden. Nothing fancy, but all lined up in rows down the tables and seating areas to make a statement.

Need some inspiration for your own Summer Garden Party Bridal shower? Check out my Pinterest board!