End of Summer #party Inspiration

When it comes to parties in the summer, you can often find us out back on our deck or at my inlaws on their awesome patio. Seriously...it's beautiful. Multiple seating areas, a stone wall with built in bench, fireplace...the whole 9 yards. Even room for kiddos to run and play.

I got thinking about the ideal End of Summer party to host for your neighbors and friends, and naturally went to Polyvore to create an inspiration board.

End of Summer Party

Summer, for us, means cozying up around a fire with lanterns all around. It means a glass of wine, some warm blankets as the night cools, and being with the people we have fun with.

Have you hosted an End of Summer party before? There are so many themes to choose from. Luau, picnic, garden party. Lots of great ideas, but what I love best is getting into our comfort zone.

The only thing missing here are the s'mores and wieners!