Back to the Grind #coaching

Now that summer vacation is coming to a close, it's time to reign things back in and focus on your business again.

This last week of August is a great week to sit down and map out your plans for the rest of 2014.

It's easy to turn off our brains as mompreneurs in the summer and declare that we are on holidays. Sure, lightening your workload so you can enjoy the sunshine, be more in mom-mode and whatnot is a great thing, but not in ever circumstance does it work to turn you business off for two full months. Now is the time to bring in your focus and do some planning.

Have you set your goals for September through December?
What are the main things that you want to accomplish?

Have you prepared your online store for Christmas, and set your order deadlines in advance?

While it might be a time where panic is setting in, you still have a good chunk of time to focus and plan for the upcoming months. Don't let taking the summer off to have a good time with your family overwhelm you now. Remember why you did it {likely to enjoy your little ones and recharge your batteries}, harness that energy, and go be awesome for the rest of the year!