Trendy Beach Cover-ups #fashion #summer

Summer is in full swing, and if you're headed to the beach this weekend, a cover-up is likely in your beach bag or on your shopping list.

Trendy Beach Cover-ups

If you have a basic swimsuit, you can get funky with your cover-up. Consider trendy patterns and details like eyelets, chevron, quatrefoil, tribal prints and color blocking.

My favorite of the cover-ups featured above is definitely the bold blue tube style dress with delicate embroidery. While definitely a splurge, it's beautiful and makes for a great transitional piece when you leave the sand and head for lunch or dinner with your friends.

Coming in a close second is the grey silk chiffon tie front cover-up. I just love the flowy kimono style sleeves. It's more casual than the blue cover-up but it's so lovely!!

How do you cover up at the beach?