Relax Mama! #stress #relief

Remember who you were before you had children? Laughable, right?

Well it doesn't have to be. You may have changed over the years. Your body may have war wounds and lovely silvery stripes, but at the core of who you are, you are still the same.

First and foremost, make a list of your favorite things. Here's mine:

Going for Coffee
Date Nights
Spa Trips

After you have your list, schedule appointments for yourself. For big things like trips to the spa or date nights, be realistic about your time and expectations. Getting an express manicure might fit better with your schedule than a body scrub and massage, so schedule accordingly.

Other things like going for coffee, shopping, running or something artistic can be fit in once a week... and should be! We made a rule when our first was about 5ish months and my postpartum depression was pretty bad that I would get one night out a week. Admittedly, I didn't always take them and sometimes would just sit and cry at Starbucks counting down the minutes until I could go back home.

This time will be different. I am so looking forward to the moments to regroup, even if it just means locking myself in the bathroom for a bubble bath.

Remember that you are still you, and that's a wonderful person to be.