Lia Sophia fall/winter launch party #ldnont #fashion #jewelry

Last night, I had the honour of attending the Lia Sophia launch party for the brand new {and super gorgeous} Fall and Winter line.

Prior to attending the launch party, Lia Sophia was a company that I was slightly familiar with but not one that I had really experienced fully. I had never seen a piece of their jewelry in person, let alone tried one on, but all of that changed tonight.

Once I got to the event, I was greeted by the event organizer and visionary of the event Sherry and my advisor and host, Bronwen. Both of these ladies were filled with excitement and anticipation, so it was hard not to get swept up in the vibe and atmosphere. We took a tour around the room, and I quickly spotted some pieces that became favorites.

Then, Sherry and her team got up at the podium and I was able to learn all about this amazing company. Lia Sophia provides their consultants with flexibility, stability and I grew to knew that it is a company that is incredibly supportive of helping their consultants grow a viable business plan.

New consultant, Kirsty Edwards, got up to speak in front of the over 250 women and men in attendance, and talked about how joining the Lia Sophia team was really out of her comfort zone, but she is so happy that she took the plunge. Then she said something that resonated with my very core...

Inhale confidence, exhale doubt

How inspiring is that? To know that she found that confidence and was able to rid her mind of the doubts that she had by joining Lia Sophia was amazing to hear. I just love it when women find their passion and are able to live the life that they have imagined for themselves.

Then, the infiniteme line was unveiled and as soon as we had a chance to go and create out own layered necklace, I created mine. With the new pieces, you can stack and layer as many looks as you would like, then change them in and out as many times as you want! Keep it casual, go flirty, add studs for some edge...the possibilities are endless!

I love that the pieces in the Fall and Winter Lia Sophia collection make a statement. From rings with loads of sparkle to bracelets and bangles that you can stack for an arm party, to layered necklaces and the infiniteme line...I can guarantee you that you will find a piece (or two or three...I have a list of about eight!) that suite your individual style, embrace who you are and make a statement.

A huge thank you to Sherry, Bronwen and their amazing Lia Sophia team for hosting me at their launch party. For more information about the styles above, and to see more gorgeous pieces, please visit the links below!

Bronwen's Facebook Page