Infant Feeding Solutions with Dr. Brown's #baby #newmom #bottlefeeding

A few weeks ago, there was a lovely box of goodies on my door step from the amazing folks at Dr. Brown's.

Over the next several months, I will be introducing you to the various products that we have received to review, starting with the Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Standard Bottles, and continuing all the way through our adventures in solid feeding with the Food Masher and other bowls and cups! (the solid feeding phase is one that I am extremely excited about and we will be sharing loads of healthy recipes to nourish your babe!)

Over the past week, we have absolutely fallen in love with the Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Standard Bottles. We have a voracious eater on our hands, and these bottles definitely help with gas and spit up. Our guy is eating about 4oz every 3-4hours ( less than two weeks old!), and he just goes to town on his bottles, so knowing that we are using one that preserves vitamins, reduced spit ups, gas and burping (because really...our Tank does not have time for things like that!)and is gentle on his little belly really gives us loads of peace of mind.

The bottles are also really simple to put together. The ventilation chamber goes inside the bottle, so it vents the bottle for a vacuum-free feeding experience. Our little guy's tummy is happy, and we don't have to worry about spills, mess or spit ups. Since the bottle vents on the inside, there is less room for error; no nipple collapse to worry about, and it even makes burping easier!

Now that we have had the Dr. Brown's experience, I am in the process of switching over all of our bottles. A happy baby makes for a happy mom, after all, so I figure...I'm not going to mess with a great thing!

Stay tuned right here and on Instagram as we develop healthy solid feeding recipes and snacks, and continue our love for Dr. Brown's!

Disclaimer: I was provided a variety of feeding solutions, including bottles, bowls and cups, and accessories by Dr. Brown's for the purposes of these reviews. All opinions expressed are my own.