How Is Your Journey Going? #coaching

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball. Sometimes we get lost; take a different path or decide halfway down the one that we are on that it's no longer for us.

For all of those sometimes remember not to listen to the outsider voices. Your journey and path are exactly that...yours. Noone can decide for you what is right, only you know in your heart.

When I opened Sweet Stella's in 2010, it was a crafty little outlet for me to get back to my roots and help me navigate the waters of postpartum depression. Did I ever think that I would be speaking at conferences, hosting parties with a great friend at BlogHer, freelancing for other companies and coaching small business owners? Nope!

But that's what I find beautiful about my journey. It has changed. It has grown. I have changed...I have grown.

Remember that your journey is yours and you need no permission from anyone else to change it, stop it, move it, follow it.

Do what is right for you, not them.