Wall Decor Solutions: Think Outside the Painting!

Wall Decor Solutions: Think Outside the Painting!
After having my art work in a variety of galleries, I have learned one important thing; no two have the same hanging system of picture rails. I have had my work hung on eyelets from the ceiling, directly on the wall with nails and wire, and pretty much every other hanging system that you could think of.

Take a look at your walls. What do you see? Probably paintings and photography. People seem to get stuck in the mind frame that wall decor is limited to flat, two dimensional pieces, but if you have an easy to use hanging system, you can diversify your wall decor very easily.

Consider hanging plates, skeleton keys, and textiles together to create a visually stimulating collection!
Love black and white photography? Set up a collection of your favourite photographs, but hang them gallery style going up a set of stairs.

Did you inherit a collection of tea cups from your grandmother? Display them with love and care, along with antique spoons.

Get your sculpture off of your coffee table and put it up on the wall! Whether you choose to display them in shadow boxes and cubes, or to hang them directly on the wall, sculpture on the wall can add a really interesting, three dimensional aspect to your wall decor.

Collections tell a story, whereas traditional paintings and photography can feel flat and impersonal. Look at where you have gone on vacation recently; did you pick up items at the local markets, or maybe a collection of seashells from the beach? Gather up your items, and pick up some inexpensive shadow boxes or canvases to create masterpieces that are personal, eye catching and one of a kind.

My most favourite collection in our home is the one that we just created for our baby's nursery. We took three shadow boxes that have been used in other rooms, and filled them with items that speak to our heart. Nesting dolls, baby shoes, a hat. His monogram (shhh...his name is secret!) will go in the center, and is a piece of custom printable art that we had created just for his room.

Use a hanging system that comes with a wall installation kit, if the hanging system is easy to install you will be more apt to actually complete the project and hang your items.
The point of it all is to make your collection your own. Let it tell its story, and hang it with pride in a unique and interesting way.


Shannon Moyer-Szemenyei is the Owner and Creator of Sweet Stella's, a blog about inspired living. She writes about home decor, art and design, healthy living and do-it-yourself projects for your home. When not writing or making a mess in her art studio, Shannon can be found teaching other bloggers and entrepreneurs effective social media strategies and inspiring them to be the best and most authentic selves.

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