Sweet Stella's: Custom Art and Sculpture for your Home #giveaway #sponsor

I am so excited to share my new mobiles and wall hangings with you! They were created on a whim, inspired by our nursery, and have become one of the best selling items in my shop.There's one up for grabs, that the winner gets to design with me, in the Mom & Baby Giveaway next month!

They have also been inspiration all on their own for custom home decor; sculpted feathers, dipped in metallic paint, that a lovely custom is using as part of a family dreamcatcher - a great alternative to a family tree!

While my shop will be on hold for custom orders for the next few weeks, ready to ship items are happy to be packaged and trotted to the lovely ladies at the post office.

Inspiration changes all the time, but I take my main queues from the boys around me who are crazy, loveable and energetic.

Their dad is a super rational, analytical, practical and mathematical type of guy. He appreciates my art work, even though he can't quite explain why he likes a certain piece over another, and definitely inspires me to keep creating just to get a reaction.

Our eldest is an inquisitive little guy who wants to know how and why things work. He likes putting things together symmetrically, then taking them apart (or smashing them on the floor and making them explode) and is always asking questions while I'm sculpting or painting.

This little guy has already inspired a whole line of mobiles, wall sculpture and custom home decor pieces that are rooted in feathers; so natural and beautiful all on their own, but magnified and made extra special with a touch of metallic paint.

Find inspiration in your every day; invite Sweet Stella's in your home and home decor.