Superhero Birthday Party Ideas #boy #birthday

Well out little dude has chosen Superheros for his birthday party and boy oh boy, does he have some specific requests!!

While I've been pinning away on my Superhero Birthday Party board for a few months now (I mean...hello...4th birthday party...due date 2 weeks later. You do the math on my stress level!), there are a few things that Owen has been very vocal on wanting at his party.

His first request...Superman Cupcakes.


So off to Pinterest I trotted to see what I could find.

Cupcakes with Capes, Glitter Superman Cupcakes, Light Blue Frosting

I am actually really thankful that he chose cupcakes over a cake for this year, and likely it will develop into a whole Superhero Sweet Bar. I'm going to keep the cupcakes simple - chocolate and vanilla with blue buttercream, and these plastic ring toppers

The sweet bar will also have Kryptonite (rock candy sticks), and sugar cookies from Windells Chocolates like we had last year (they are SO yummy!! Then maybe some sixlets Pop Rock candy. 

Next up is decor!