Superhero Birthday Party #decor

When it comes to party decor, in my eyes everything needs to be coordinated and pulled together seamlessly.

So when it comes to this Superhero Party, there will be lots of graphic BOOM, POW, POP type signs and balloons a-freaking-galore!


I really like the idea of a standout entrance for this party. It's unlike any other birthday party that we've thrown for Owen before...and now that he's a little older, he is just SO excited about playing superheros with his friends.

This should be decently easy to pull together too; just string the balloons on rope or heavy fishing line, and then zip tie to the pillars at the front of our house. We did something similar for FlyDIY at BlogHer'13, and it's certainly something that my husband and I could get going on a few days prior to the party ( is Saturday!).

While he wants superheros, I always like to draw inspiration from the colors and symbols rather than plaster the actual characters every where. So, for this party, think lots of red, yellow, blue and green!